The Soil is the Soul

Hamel Family Wines

In early 2021 we were approached by the Hamel family, independent winemakers in Glen Ellen, CA, to help create an identity system for a new range of premium vintages. With provenance in Moon Mountain District, Sonoma County, it was an opportunity we at Supermoon just couldn't pass up.

We can't show the design work yet, as the wines are to be released from the 2023 vintage. But the process itself was enlightening.

Hamel Family Wines cellar

Discovering the heart of the wine

Understanding why a location is uniquely special requires physically experiencing it. We were able to get up close and personal to the landscape and valley topography with John Hamel. Deeply passionate about the land, he explained the unique soil structure of each micro-terroir, and his belief that the soil itself was the soul of the wines cultivated there.

With his evocative idea as our starting point, the stage was set for creation of a new icon.

The Solution

We love a brand that has a great story. Luckily for us, the Hamel family also loves telling stories through direct experience, as evidenced by the thoughtful design and architecture of their estate.

We settled together on an elegant, scalable concept that includes an abstract visual expression of the micro-terroir, the very particular environment that infuses their wine with such unique character. We're excited to show it to the world one day.

Next Steps

We loved working with the highly collaborative Hamel family in making something new that they can be proud of. As craftspeople and curious explorers ourselves, the process of discovery is always extremely rewarding, especially when it leads to multiple interesting ways to tell a story through design.