Creating a new category to reunite humanity with sleep

Sleep is a fundamental pillar of good health. It allows the mind and body to recuperate, heal, strengthen and grow. But it's not hard to see that there's a serious problem with our increasingly tech-driven and demanding lives: many of us have lost our ability to enjoy natural, re-energizing sleep, both in terms of quantity and quality. With artificial intelligence and unique hardware designed to respond to new discoveries in sleep science, Bryte uses emerging technology to help overcome a problem that tech itself has heavily contributed to.

From identity system to category creation

Bryte is more than a "smart bed" company. Working closely with the leading sleep researchers at US and international universities, Bryte has been developing an entire integrated approach for delivering rejuvenating, re-energizing sleep.

What Bryte has to offer is beyond anything else on the market—no bed manufacturer offers anything approaching their combination of sensor tech, AI and advanced hardware engineering, with the ability to actively respond to help resolve common sleep problems.

With Supermoon initially brought on to create a visual and verbal identity system, it quickly became apparent that there was going to be more to this brand than just a pretty face. We also needed to articulate what Bryte truly represented. With their unique proposition and technology, we realized that the opportunity was there to create a whole new category. Working closely with the Bryte executive team, we employed category design principles to not just define the company, but to build a whole new brand ecosystem around the concept of delivering restorative sleep, naming their new category "Restorative Tech".

Brand Strategy

We've worked hand-in-hand over the last year with Bryte's executive team to help determine a cohesive matrix of brand pillars and principles, all through the lens of Restorative Tech, to guide future brand expansion. As Bryte explores partnerships in luxury hospitality and premium product integration, we've also supported them with developing a brand architecture and foundational co-branding principles.


Building on the category design strategy, Supermoon helped Bryte determine a suite of product and feature names that all ladder up to Restorative Tech and restorative sleep in general. They include names that nod to wellness and a spa-like experience (without sounding too "California woo-woo"). By owning the richest ground in the category, Bryte can ensure they have a powerful, differentiated brand for years to come.

Brand Voice

Clear strategic messaging is at the heart of any strong brand. Avoiding cliches of the wellness space and basing our voice on the idea of "The Intelligent Aesthete", we defined the messaging platform and brand voice principles, as well as creating immediately usable copy samples, for writers to maintain consistency across the many touchpoints Bryte delivers on.

Visual Identity

Bryte's visual language pays homage to Bryte's unique scientific expertise through the visual brand idea of "Sleep Masterpieces", intended to connect at experiential level to the Intelligent Aesthete voice. With Bryte's mission to help sleepers achieve better tomorrows, the color palette has split modalities, alternating between a lighter, more energetic "Tomorrow" color range, and a more restful, luxuriant "Tonight" range. With this calm base palette, content brings brighter tertiary colors in through the photography. Generative digital art and elegantly designed data visualization build on the Sleep Masterpieces theme.

Bryte's B2B market fits squarely in luxury categories, so crucially, the identity needed to appeal to potential 5-star hospitality clients. A luxury feel also offers a natural association with the highest levels of service and quality for Bryte's individual customers, adding the perception of value to the brand's products.


Supermoon designed and built Bryte's brand site, including UX and copy, and continues to maintain and expand it. We also provide occasional consultancy and support for product UI design and animations.

A Bryte tablet app screen

Product Marketing

After setting the overall definition of Bryte's brand photography, and with Covid-19 restrictions making photo shoots nigh on impossible to organize for a time, Supermoon created architectural renders to present the product in brand-enhancing environments. We look forward to being able to shoot with real-life human models again!

Motion Graphics

From explainer videos to 3D animations for apps and products, hero videos and special promotional edits for trade shows, we continue to handle a wide variety of Bryte's motion graphics and video creation needs.

Trade Shows & Print

With COVID-19 restrictions in full force, mounting any physical presence had major challenges in 2021. We were still able to deliver a first trade show exhibit design for Bryte at HD Expo 2021 (a leading show for the hospitality design industry) in Las Vegas remotely and on a limited budget. Working closely with the Bryte team and the booth supplier, we navigated the requirements and created a solution Bryte was extremely happy with (actual client quote: "best in show!"). We also created a beautiful 8-page brochure together with our exceptional print partner to pass out at the front desk.


Supermoon has been developing and managing Bryte's brand guidelines since we started working together in mid-2020. From the initial concept, we've been able to evolve it as new needs arise, including developing co-branding with hotels and other partners.


With Restorative Sleep Technology™ now an owned term, and their funding of the first intercollegiate research groups to define what "restorative sleep" actually means in a scientific context, Bryte is now the sole brand that can authentically claim category leadership in this emerging field.

Bryte regularly receives positive feedback on their brand from partners. Their approach has helped win partnerships with the world's largest bed manufacturers as they work to license their technology beyond their own Bryte products.

With large-scale investment now coming in, Bryte is on a path to grow rapidly. We remain close with them on the journey, as they deliver on their mission to bring healthy sleep to all.


"During my 16 years in agencies such as AKQA, and another 4 as CMO at startups, I've most often found that the three routes presented for first round design are rarely all viable, or even on brief. It was truly remarkable when Mike and his team presented three initial routes that were all on-brief, delightful and instantly buyable. This may have been a first time in my 20 year career. In fact, the hardest part for us in the project, was needing to choose!"

- Chris Guest, CMO Bryte