AI Forum NZ

Making AI work for everyone, in Aotearoa and beyond

The Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand brings together innovators, investors, regulators and academia to develop new opportunities in AI. The forum advocates for beneficial uses of AI – with a particular focus on environmental management and social impact – and related emerging technologies. Members include major companies in New Zealand and Australia, as well as global players like Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft.

As part of the rapidly-emerging global community of AI policy and industry groups, and an influential member of the Pacific tech community, the need for an identity that could communicate uniquely Aotearoa New Zealand values and aesthetics was vital to the team.


AI Forum NZ needed an identity that clearly communicated its mission, which balances:

• A commitment to driving benefits for New Zealand’s diverse society, particularly Māori and Pasifika peoples
• Stewardship of the natural environment
• A positive approach to emerging AI technologies

Our goal was to bridge these contrasting requirements, building trust with members and potential members, in a contemporary system that would generate discussion and appeal.

Visual Identity

Instant recognition and associations are created by referencing the familiar. So for an organization communicating with a broad and sometimes global audience, it was important to us to develop a unique symbol with a form that would feel recognizable both to regular New Zealanders as much as it does the wider tech industry.

We built on the inherent rotational properties of the iconic "AI Spiral" and combined them with a digital interpretation of Māori raranga weaving patterns. This created a solar-style symbol that is instantly understandable in context, while still feeling new and catalytic.

Patterns and backgrounds

Color and typography

AIFNZ's colors reflect familiar features of New Zealand's natural environment - native birds, flowers and minerals - and are named after them in Māori, with a more pumped-up technical "Kākāriki" green adding visual energy to AI-related topics. Kākāriki are familiar to all New Zealanders as the brightly colored parakeet that has leant its Māori name to bright green.

The type system allows for simple typesetting as well as more energetic and dynamic expressions for events and marketing materials.

Generative AI imagery

For organizations dealing with the impact of AI it's naturally tempting to deploy AI tools for generating content and imagery. As of 2023 though, these are all nascent technologies. New products from Adobe and Getty (with NVIDIA) address some concerns, but it's still early days.

We established principles and guidelines for the ethical usage of AI in generating content for internal and external use.


The leadership team announced the brand update at their premier event, Aotearoa AI Summit 2023, in late September, to an enthusiastic reception from their members.

From the client...

"I am super excited to be launching the new branding!

The logo is impressive and will allow me to weave a very connected story from our environment to technology, from the technology of te ao Tahito (from our older Aotearoa) to the interconnectedness and rippling effects of our modern technology.

I am very appreciative of the work that has been carried out by Supermoon to bring our imagery to connecting us to the here and now.

Thank you all for the wonderful effort you have put in to support us."

- Megan Tapsell, Chairperson